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A Managed services provider on a mission to help healthcare practicitoners get their I.T. back on track.

We are a value-added managed services provider with immense compassion for what we do. Learn more about us by clicking the arrow below.

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Fiber Optic Internet

Managed Services with a Cybersecurity Conscious

VOIP Phones / Digital to Analog Faxing

One of the most common arguments made by cyber security firms is that managed service providers don't know jack about cybersecurity. This argument is not only wrong, but dangerous. The truth is, cybersecurity is a team effort, and until everyone gets on the same page about that, we will continue to have a huge discrepency in cybersecurity. Period.

Byzantine Technologies LLC's true birth was because of the need for small-town doctors to have an advocate in their back pocket for both competent technology solutions and cybersecurity at a price they can afford. When we first got into the industry some 10 years ago, one of the most quoted phrases by the big dental companies was, "just disable the firewall, it'll work better"; to this day, dental practices are at very high cyber risk because of the idiosyncratic tendencies that still plague the industry. I encourage you to read our blog post about why managed service providers are important to the health of the global information technology wheelhouse here which includes cybersecurity.

we can't have a safe cyberspace without the collective efforts of the global community. 

We're one small provider that welcomes this collective effort with open arms. To our disappointment, too many cybersecurity companies only care about their bottom line and not actually helping the collective through the use of subscription-only services.

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