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Our Core Foundational services

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Contractual based Managed IT

Our managed IT solutions encompass a monthly fee that takes the pain out of patch management, updates, backups, and vulnerability audits. With our managed IT solution, we try to take the pain out of the typical hourly fees associated with IT so you can have a more predictable monthly bill.

Managed Firewalls

Contractual Managed Firewalls is a network-layer managed solution that aims to assist healthcare facilities in securing their perimeter networks. Often the case may be that an organization has an IT solution in place, but not the necessary knowledge to properly secure today's edge networks. This solution aims to support that gap. Healthcare providers may elect this solution in addition to our vulnerability assist and alert platform.

Consulting Services

Sometimes, our clients want us to audit their networks to determine what exactly is going on and to render a solution. Choosing our consulting services is the perfect foundation for identifying the lack of core competency in a network design or infrastructure already in place.

Here is a comphrensive list of our services

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  • 24x7 Remote Management and Monitoring

    Our remote management and monitoring solution is part of our total Managed IT platform.

  • Future Proof Fiber Internet

    We can offer fiber optic internet to 99% of our service areas.

  • Colocation

    Byzantine Technologies also offers colocation services in Atlanta Ga. We also offer an SLA of 100% uptime and Six 9s (99.9999%) historical portfolio uptime. (SLA Only includes Network and power.)



    Endpoint threat detection and response is a technology that we deploy to continuously monitor, respond to, and mitigate cyber threats on the fly. Our EDR is built on the MITRE framework.

  • Email Encryption

    Byzantine offers an email encryption platform that was built from the ground up by encryption experts, for normal people to use. Our platform uses NSA grade end-to-end encryption, with Data loss prevention, and Advanced Threat Protection. Our solution was also named overall encryption solution provider of the year in the 2020 CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards Program.

  • Office 365

    Full Office 365 Suites and Discounts Available


    Our hosted VOIP was ranked and given the top 2020 award by Capterra for Call Center Software, the Top-rated Award in VOIP providers of 2020, as well as ranked a leader in the G2's Summer 2020 Grid Report for VOIP providers.

  • Backups. Backups. Backups

    We follow the general industry guidelines on backups, also known as the 3-2-1 rule. 

  • Total Hardware Infrastructure Overhaul

    For numerous clients, we have provided instrumental expertise in designing and building out high-performance computing networks for high-volume practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we leverage vulnerability scanning to identify possible areas of weakness?

Yes. We leverage a variety of Internet Scanning technologies both manual and automated across our client's infrastructure. We're able to do this on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. We're able to monitor in real-time when ports are open, closed, or stealthy or if we detect a change in services hosted on our client's infrastructure. This allows us to proactively intervene if something is amiss before it becomes a DLI (Data loss incident).

We have a CBCT(ConeBeam) that is slow, can you help us?

We'd be more than happy to evaluate your cone beam to figure out if the workflow can be improved. In many cases, the technology is slow because the network isn't performing correctly, the computer is really old, or the CT machine is old. In other cases, there's nothing we can do because the CT vendor is subpar. 



How can an MSP help my practice?

In short, MSP's can act as the gatekeeper or linebacker in the network and internal infrastructure. Our solutions collectively help to prevent, but also kill, remediate, and roll back incidents that would otherwise compromise the network. Moreover, we also have access to many technologies but at lower costs. 

Which CT vendor do you recommend?

We, unequivocally recommend VaTech America.  Not only is their technology vastly superior in our opinion. but so is their customer support! We also appreciate (and so should you) the open-minded framework VaTech is built on. They're one of the few CT companies that support their customers for life. 

I heard that MSPS are expensive and unnecessary, is this true?

Unfortunately, there are MSPs out there that are very expensive and they have undoubtedly cast a blanket of distrust within the community. For this, we dearly apologize for their behavior. The reality is, MSP's help bring technologies together through cohesion and businesses very much need our expertise more than ever.

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